Progressive start – Soft Start

The power to the electric motor when it is put into operation, is made by gradual increase of the tension, which allows a departure without blows and reduces the peak of current. This result is achieved by means of a thyristor converter, mounted 2 to 2 at each phase of the network. The progressive rise of the output voltage can be controlled by the acceleration ramp or dependent on the value of the limiting current, or connected to these two parameters.

A static Altistart-type converter is a six-thyristor regulator, which is applied for the progressive starting and stopping of short-circuited three-phase rotor motors. It ensures the control of the operating characteristics, especially during the start and stop periods, the thermal protection of the motor and the controller, the mechanical protection of the machine by eliminating blows and reducing the starting current. asynchronous motors. This converter can be short-circuited at the end of the match by a contactor, while maintaining control of the control circuit. In addition to starting control, it also allows for progressive deceleration and stopping with braking.